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Default First 1GHz GPU


Not quite the milestone expected since it's effectively an overclock, but it's by the manufacturers themselves so it's more legit than anybody who did it home-style!

Just need them to perfect the technology.

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Missed this...

Yeah been many people with over 1GHz on these for a while, and for AGES with LN2 on 4870s. So not a great deal, but as you said, first factory release. Not first properly released over 1GHz just yet. Pretty good we can get this speed. Doesn't seem to make a huge deal to frame rate from reviews over water cooled cards at or around that speed. Maybe 5FPS max per game (although that's more a big deal the higher the resolution, and lower res's can be CPU limited even on Quads (poor threading support still really).

Still the architecture still has way more impact over core speed, and always will. The Memory bandwidth is going up and up, and shader cores becoming more and more (DX11 dictates no specificity to either job on these, and can be used for almost all processing on the GPU, to tailer to the load).
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