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I can has recon?
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Originally Posted by dillingerdan View Post
Because you need to get past the driver install which doesn't happen until you are in Windows. I think if you leave it a little it should then work, but otherwise you need to get past the log-in screen for them to install. Then they're usable. If you changed the ports they are plugged into (and they worked before) change them back.
It's ok, I think I sorted it out.
When I installed the new PSU, I reset the CMOS settings just to make sure there were no conflicts with old hardware.
In doing so, before I changed the correct jumper, I changed one right next to it((the wrong one, lol), and had forgotten I'd done so.
I put it back, and now it's all gravy. Now it's all updating and shiz, good times.
Thanks for the input though Dan!
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