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DwerG you been fired yet?
No, what am I being fired for? I am bestest.

While I'm here I may as well give you another page from my diary. Last few weeks a girl at work has been jokingly, yet aggressively hitting on me, and I am not having a nice time.

She keeps referring to me as the "love of her life." At first it was like, "yeah, ok, that's pretty funny, I guess." But it's literally everyday and it's getting on my FUCKING NERVES.

I was walking somewhere with a colleague a few weeks ago and she called out "where are you going with my boyfriend?" Just stuff like that. It's just because it's so frequent that it is irritating.

And today I was doing work-related type activities, minding my own business, when this happens:

Some guy: "Danielle's trying to talk to you"
Me: "Oh sorry, what is it?"
Danielle: "Was just saying I love you"
Me: "Cool"
Some guy: "You can't say that when someone says I love you, you have to return the favour!"

Pretty sure that is most definitely and famously not that case with telling someone you love them. It's been suggested that I should hit on her back just as much, but I feel as though that would just make it worse.
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