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Originally Posted by DwerG View Post
It probably sounds worse than it is to be honest, I mean I know she's just joking around so I'm not concerned. The guy is getting on my nerves a little bit though. There's another girl that we work with that I'm pretty close with who's just gotten married, and got engaged just after I joined, and it's the same sort of thing with her. While I am actually pretty fond of her, I've never flirted with her or anything like that, because that's not cool, but this guy just keeps making all these "jokes" about me and her as well, and it just gets on my nerves sometimes.

Though saying all this, it's far more interesting working there with all this going on compared to the 6 years prior, where I worked at home on my own doing graphic design. Most boring 6 years of my whole fucking life.
Yeah office drama and gossip isn't bad as long as it doesn't get out of hand. Sounds a bit school yard though! That guy sounds like a dick.
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